Our Technology

Making AI work with people and their decisions

Complete solution
Hardware & Software & Cloud


  • Realtime processing
  • Computer Vision
  • AI


  • Low power consumption
  • Edge computing
  • Low bandwidth requirements


  • AI aided data analysis
  • Reporting
  • Various clients supported (desktop, mobile)
  • Integration with and to other systems

How it works

VisionCraft System Properties

  • 5W maximal power consumption
  • Only 5 hours/day electricity needed
  • No additional battery box - all inside of sensor tube
  • Communication through LTE, WiFi, ethernet
  • No other communication or processing boxes needed - all inside of sensor tube
  • Weight of sensor only 3 kg including holder
VisionCraft Box
  • Plug & Play into customer communication console and his/her video feed
  • Size - 4.3x3.3X1.5 inches
  • Processing of up to 6 cameras simultaneously

Deployment 1

Deployment 2

Key benefits

real-time processing
object and movement detection (AI)
situation awareness - self learning techniques
results of processing are privacy preserving
functionality under bad/worse visual conditions (night, snow)
reporting based on gathered data
remote firmware and functionalities upgrades
utilization of low resolution cameras